Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Time to Liberate Apps for Everyone

Thank you for coming to the Act Local Media blog. We’re a technology company that empowers businesses and individuals to build and grow markets and communities through apps.

Our mission is to make apps possible for everyone-apps that are affordable, easy to create and maintain, engaging for users and effective in achieving the business and marketing goals that matter most.

Our first product is the Act Local Authors Platform. It is not only designed for the way authors and publishers do business, but it is also tailor-made for readers. We want to help authors and publishers reach and satisfy as many customers as possible, so we’re going beyond smartphones (e.g., iPhone, Android) and tablets (iPad, Galaxy, Xoom) with additional support for e-readers (Nook, Kindle) and desktop (Google Chrome). We’re very excited about Amazon’s Kindle Fire and will have support for that device very soon.

Wherever there is an audience of readers, we’d like to help our customers be there.

We’d also like to help our customers navigate this dynamic space. So we’ll be using our spare time to share insights on apps, mobile, devices, digital media and more. Come back and join us for the ride.